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This is a peaceful corner of the world wide web devoted to original music for film and television. We are a creative agency with a passion for telling stories using sonic patterns. Without the right music or sound design, your project will not stand out from the rest – let us help you find the perfect fit. We love all genres of music and are flexible with budgets and deadlines.  

Latest News:

One World Sports and NBC Sports are airing this years IIHF World Championship hockey tournament from Russia this spring. Here’s a :30 preview spot airing on both networks – original music, video editing and sound design by Alex Leach 

Refinery29 released a series of powerful articles and videos exploring the women behind the headlines of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Sound design and mixes of the video portions by Alex Leach:





In June 2015 the New York Cosmos became the first US professional sports team to visit and play in Cuba since detente in December. One World Sports is producing a documentary about this historic demonstration of international good will airing sometime this fall. Here’s the trailer, audio mix by Alex Leach. YouTube Preview Image

Check out the first FirebellySound track composed and edited on Pro Tools (I used to do everything on Digital Performer). It’s a :30 epic trailer- type called “Hammer to the Blade:”


Passionate about traveling? Gear up for an Australian adventure with these episodes of “Eye Where You Are” from Scripps Networks. Here we showcase the city streets of Melbourne and the sights and sounds of the Great Ocean Road. Original music and sound design by Alex Leach (FirebellySound) Producer: Stone Roberts Director: Adam Giese. YouTube Preview Image

Episode 2 showcases the terrain and wildlife of Fraser Island and the submerged majestic splendor of the Great Barrier Reef. Original music and sound design by Alex Leach (FirebellySound) Producer: Stone Roberts Director: Adam Giese.  YouTube Preview Image

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Beer fans rejoice! The new authentic Estrella Damm Barcelona cream pour beer tap is now available in the United States, and Firebelly Sound got the nod to produce a video to help spread the news. Someone had to drink the fresh beers we poured during filming, making this an incredibly fun and delicious project to work on. This marks my official debut as a voice over talent – Written/ Produced/ Directed/ Edited/ Original Music/ Voice Over and Audio Mix by Alex LeachYouTube Preview Image

Jimmy Traina of SI.com called the latest lockout video a “must watch.” It was hailed by Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer as “great work!” Greg Wyshynski (of Puck Daddy fame) also had nice things to say, check out the write-up:


Happy holidays everyone from Firebellysound! Composer/ Writer/ Producer/ Editor/ Audio Mix: Alex Leach

YouTube Preview Image

If you are a fan of the National Hockey League you are experiencing a range of different emotions right now due to the 2012 lockout – mostly sadness, disappointment, betrayal, confusion, etc. I am feeling anger. I don’t rap often, but the reasons behind the lockout have inspired this video rant. If you like it please help spread word the fans are angry! That said, it was a lot of fun to do and I like the rap track a lot. It took a while to get the perfect tone for my angry voice but I’m happy with it (as happy as I can be with my amateur rapping). The video received over 11,000 hits the first day and is still going strong. I am proud of the connection with other angry fans. Composer/ Writer/ Producer/ Editor/ Audio Mix: Alex Leach

YouTube Preview Image

I am a big hockey fan, and the recent excitement surrounding Shea Weber signing an offer sheet from the Philadelphia Flyers inspired me to produce a quick video summing up the anxiety fans felt while waiting to see if the Nashville Predators would match the offer. Nashville did, disappointing Flyers fans everywhere, but it was a fascinating story to keep tabs on (especially on the heels of a new CBA being drawn up in the NHL). The video received great responses and I am proud of the strong connection with my fellow fans. It received over 2,400 hits within the first three hours of going live (but then traffic stopped when Nashville matched the offer and the excitement came to an abrupt halt). It was fun to do and I foresee many more videos like it in the near future. It features one of my favorite original tracks – a classic rocking hockey tune. Enjoy! Composer/Writer/ Producer/ Editor/ Audio Mix: Alex Leach

YouTube Preview Image

FirebellySound developed three tracks of music for a video promoting a major public art project in downtown Greenway, North Carolina. Check it out at downtowngreenway.org/public-art or right here below. Composer: Alex Leach 

YouTube Preview Image